Power Statement


My sole aim in life is to live an exceptional life each and every day no matter what growth-opportunities meet me. I will maximize whatever Life presents me with. My soul-intention is to be constantly evolving and expanding – progressing without pause – daily ascending on all levels – employing my knowledge – trusting my Self and my inner knowing – working my majik – and presenting my Self to My World as a transparent model of Self-as-Source success.

I am ready to eliminate any addiction, condition and relationship which does not serve my dream and highest good. I vow to be present with my Self and to choose growth, bliss, higher thought and to change in any way that will contribute to my greatest good and to the greatest good of The All.

As I learn, I will create affirmative meditations, thoughts and declarations that are of a higher vibration. I know that the focusing of the light-quick, rapidly-vibrating energy of thought will transform my reality easily and quickly. I will continue to work with time to reap the benefits of compounding effect and cherish every day that I am alive. I realize that Life is a gift and a series of fortune, fun, adventure, and treasure. I know that God is my Source and I am provided for and supported on every level of my Being. I am responsible for my Life and my Self and I am committed to creating the life of my dreams.

 I am confident, committed, calm, poised, alert, alive, clear, capable, in God and in tune. The Universe backs me up. The Universe loves me and responds to me unconditionally. I know that I am divinely guided and protected and I am always going in The Best Possible Direction. I choose to flow easily with change. I am clear, focused and centered. I am full of faith and I am overflowing with love, bliss and joy which I share with The World!

I know that I deserve my abundant life. I deserve all this love and joy; this perfect health, my constantly increasing wealth, and my beautiful comfortable home in this city I love so much. I know I deserve the peaceful tranquility and harmony of my relationships. I cherish them I thank the God with/in for all of this and more!

I know that all the aims represented in this Letter to My Subconscious are already mine. I know that The Universe is more than willing to work on my behalf and that my Guides and Angels are more than able and willing to serve and support me. LIFE DESIRES TO EXPRESS MORE FULLY THROUGH ME. I am available and open. I receive these things and experiences or something FAR better.

And so it is.

Print a copy of my letter to my subconscious here: letter to my subconscious



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